The Society for Legal and Policy Research (SOLPO Research) is a New Delhi-based not-for-profit research institute that works on legal, regulatory and policy issues. Our approach to India’s growth and development agenda is independent, non-partisan and based on rigorous legal research. We focus on critical areas like infrastructure, utilities and related thematic issues, including urbanisation, transport, climate, environment, water, forests, oceans, health, food, energy security, long term funding and technology.


To be India’s trusted independent thought leadership platform on law and public policy.


  • To serve as a centre for legal research, capability building and advisory services.
  • To be a trusted source of independent research insights and policy solutions for diverse decision-makers in governments, regulatory bodies, investor communities, business communities and civil society.
  • To support law-makers and regulators in the analysis and creation of laws, rules and regulations for India’s growth and development.


  • Autonomy: We are an independent, non-partisan, impartial, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation.
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest level of learning and scholarly standard in legal research and analysis.
  • Effectiveness: We endeavour to deliver legal research and policy solutions that are practical and implementable.
  • Balance: We facilitate economic, environmental and social progress through our work.
  • Collaboration: We believe in synergistic partnerships that bring together diverse resources, groups and perspectives.


SOLPO Research is committed to legal research and programmes that facilitate economic growth, environmental protection and social progress. Our logo is a visual expression of that commitment.

SOLPO Research’s impact cuts across industries and influences urban and rural development. Our work helps to improve the lives of the people who populate the landscape as well as preserve that very landscape. This intersectionality is depicted in the mesh of overlapping lines that ultimately form a lotus flower.

The lotus flower signifies knowledge, learning, wisdom, discretion, prosperity, progress and evolution. We strive to bring these attributes to society at large through our legal research and academic work. We aspire to create a rich knowledge-base that will contribute towards economic, environmental and social progress.

Key Documents

The Society for Legal and Policy Research (SOLPO Research) is registered under the “Societies Registration Act, of 1860” as applicable to the NCT of Delhi.