Sakie Jakharia is part of the founding team at SOLPO Research. An independent legal practitioner, she has been involved in litigation practice since 2005 gaining experience with law firms like Dua Associates and J. Sagar Associates. Sakie is also an Advocate on Record (AOR) at the Supreme Court of India.

Sakie is an ardent observer of shifting social trends with the growing impact of technology, urbanization, environmental changes and diverse value systems. Through SOLPO Research, she hopes to deepen her own understanding of current legal, regulatory and policy regime, the potential for future possibilities and contribute positively to the process of constant growth and evolvement in the area of law.

Sakie is a law graduate (LL.B.) from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. She has a master’s degree in the field of Physics (MSc – Physics) from University of Delhi and is also an alumnus of Cotton College, Guwahati. She has devoted a large part of her time to litigation practice in the area of infrastructure, energy advisory and regulatory matters and is eager to do much more.

Sakie is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to explore new places, culture and cuisine. She is based in New Delhi.