India has been no exception to the worldwide process of Tribunalisation as an effective alternative to traditional Courts in dispute resolution and justice dispensation. Over time, Indian Courts have made various observations on legislative deficiencies that compromise the independence, competence and functioning of Tribunals. SOLPO Research’s Briefing Note on the ‘The Legal Ecosystem of Tribunals and Regulatory Bodies’ has examined these legislative, procedural and institutional flaws that exist in the overall architecture of the Tribunal system in India.

On 24th July 2020, SOLPO Research organized a webinar on Tribunals and associated challenges. The speakers were Mr. C.S. Vaidyanathan (Senior Advocate), Mr. V.P. Raja (Former Chairman, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission) and Mr. Tathagata Satpathy (Editor, Dharitri Newspaper and Former M.P. (Lok Sabha)). The webinar was moderated by Mr. Sanjay Sen (SOLPO Research).